Closing Pandora's Box

     Putting a lid on Pornography Addiction

Remember the story of Pandora's enticing box, what it contained and how she innocently unleashed all manner of evil, sorrow and pain when she opened it? In the hands of children, our modern-day boxes of cells phones, tablets, computers and televisions are very similar to Pandora's. However, unlike Pandora, we know what's in our internet-enabled devices. We know that in addition to useful information, our kids’ boxes hold the disturbing and potentially life-altering material we call pornography.  So what do parents do when their children come face to face with porn and get trapped by its riptide of darkness?


Pandora's Box Is Open Now What Do I Do instills hope and inspires courage to fight one of the many demons escaping today’s boxes. Authored by psychologist, Dr. Gail Poyner, who treats adults, children and teens who use pornography, Pandora's Box Is Open Now What Do I Do is a book designed for parents who want to help their children avoid and reject the powerfully addictive pull of porn.


Filled with worksheets and easily understood concepts, Pandora's Box Is Open Now What Do I Do provides a framework for parents and children to collaborate and work together in mastering the unbelievably strong desire to view pornography. Because it’s not IF our children will be exposed to pornography, but WHEN, and parents must know what to do. The porn industry is working overtime to draw in children, and its purveyors are deliberate in unleashing porn's addictive power, thereby creating what they believe will be customers for life. They target children whose curiosity is powerful, but whose awareness of what is harmful is dangerously underdeveloped.


The purveyors of pornography are powerful and will continue to flood the earth with their disturbing and harmful material. But never forget this: You and your child have the most powerful defense of all, and that’s a loving, deep and abiding relationship, which is something the porn industry will never have.






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